Celebrating 60 Years
Our products fulfill the needs of
more than 7 key industries,
supplying widely used steel and iron grades
as well as other metals.

The Industries We Serve


W.E. Lott is a major supplier of parts for the rail industry. Draft lugs, vibrator brackets, manway covers, wheels and coupler parts are just a few of the many parts we supply. New car builders, Class 1 railroads, short line railroads, and leasing companies all use our products. We also serve many of the repair yards throughout North America, Canada and South America. Serving the industry for over 50 years W.E. Lott sales staff and engineers have the expertise to help provide solutions to your rail car manufacturing and repair needs.


Gas, Oil & Mining

Reliability and dependability is what W.E. Lott has built its reputation on. We know that mining is a tough business and using our components and parts won’t let you down. Our parts are durable and made from the highest quality material, with chemistries and physical properties that are best suited for a rugged harsh environment. With over 50 years in the industry and our proven track record why would you use anyone else!

For quality, reliability and dependability it’s W.E. Lott.


Construction Equipment

Our expertise in producing large castings and forgings for the scrap and waste water treatment industries has allowed W.E. Lott Company to effectively supply the construction and heavy equipment industry. We have developed our foundries and forge shops to supply earth moving, mooring & rigging, agricultural, and forestry equipment manufacturers by providing casting & forging solutions of the highest quality at competitive prices.


Military & U.S. Gov’t

W.E. Lott supports our Military and the U.S. Gov’t by supplying quality castings, forgings and fabrications to primary and second tier military contractors. We have the capability of supplying raw components or completely finished machined, assembled coated parts to the required Mil-Stds. There is no job that is too small or too large that we cannot handle.


Truck & Trailer

W.E. Lott Company produces castings, forgings and fabrications for the global commercial truck and trailer markets. In certain products, casting weight and appearance are as important as strength. Some of the products produced are:

  • Bearing caps, engine brackets, flywheels, oil pans, pulleys, and turbo chargers.
  • Housings include clutch, main, rear, transmission cases and transmission covers.
  • Brake rotors, brake drums, brake calipers, hubs, differential carriers, differential case, transfer case, and covers.
  • Spring and frame hangers, frame brackets, torque rods, and steering gears.


Industrial Fabrications, Castings & Forgings

W.E. Lott Company has the unique capability to supply Industrial components that are fabricated from wrought material, or in combination with castings and forgings. W.E. LOTT has the capacity to supply products fabricated as a component of, or as a product finished to a customer’s specifications and requirements. Welded components are supplied to the current standards of ASME, ANSI, API and AWS depending on the customer requirements.


Snow Removal & Road Maintenance

For more than 50 years, W.E. Lott has been providing castings, forgings and fabrications to the snow removal and road maintenance industries. Converting fabrications to castings has been a big part of how W.E. Lott has helped our customers reduce cost and be more competitive. Steel, ductile iron, white iron, and aluminum are some of the many metal grades we can provide. Moldboard shoes, large bolts, pins, chains and curb protectors are some of the products we make. Please give us a call or send us drawings to discuss how W.E. Lott can help your company be more competitive in the marketplace.


Aftermarket Automotive

Our diverse customer base includes companies that manufacture components for the Automotive aftermarket and trailer market. Products supplied are for engines, transmissions, suspension and differentials.

In addition, W.E. Lott has the capacity to supply prototypes and do Rapid Prototyping.